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  • Health & Care

    Incontinence impacts both the body and mental wellness. While it can be hard to talk about it, it doesn't mean the condition goes away. Starting the conversation about incontinence can help ease fears and frustrations. 

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  • Lifestyle

    Incontinence may be part of your life but that doesn't mean you have to stop doing the things you love. Making small changes can help you manage incontinence day-to-day and keep up with the lifestyle you enjoy.

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  • Product

    While continence products are only one part of the solution in managing incontinence, finding the right product can make a big difference.  Selecting the best size, absorbency and style that suits your personal needs will be...

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  • Intimate Questions

    Are there questions you have thought, but have never wanted to ask because of feeling embrassed, such as: ‘I have heard that if we try holding peeing for three seconds every time we are in the toilet, our incontinence... 

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